Warranty  Policy

I (the customer) do hereby authorize any repair work needed, as well as all parts necessary, to return my device to the optimum working condition. I agree that iFixGalaxy is not responsible for any preexisting/other malfunctioning parts other than what has been agreed upon fixing.
I understand that there may be unforeseen delays in the repair of my device due to: part unavailability, order processing, or shipping times.

I hereby grant iFixGalaxy permission to test all necessary features and settings within my device to ensure optimum working condition. I understand that failure to provide a passcode may cause delays in the repair checklist process.

All repairs come with a LIFETIME warranty, with the exception of: Samsung OLED displays items (90 Day Manufacturer Warranty), Battery Replacement (1 year manufacture warranty), and Special Ordered items which only have a (30-day Manufacturer warranty). ALL warranties provided are limited to the specific part replaced or service provided; NOT the entire device itself. ANY and ALL warranty are voided if a technician concludes that the device is malfunctioning due to any physical damage resulting from: accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress.

Any electronic device(s) sold will be covered under a 30-day warranty (unless proof of purchase states otherwise). Any issues reported within that time frame THAT ARE NOT the result of any physical damage will be fixed or replaced at no charge to the customer. However, no refunds will be issued for the device itself. If approved for refund a 35% restocking fee will be applied none negotiable.

Any device that is noted or treated for any type of water damage will not be covered under any warranty. If a device being serviced is considered a water proof resistant device by the manufacturer, it will no longer fall under this category once serviced.

Once a screen has been replaced or opened, iFix Galaxy advises customers to keep the device away from moisture and/or any liquids. iFix Galaxy does not warranty any device to be water resistant or water proof after any service is provided.

If a device being serviced has a preexisting manufacture warranty, this warranty will be voided upon any physical damage AND after it is serviced by iFix Galaxy or any other third party company. iFix Galaxy is not liable for any disruption of the manufacture warranty.

All accessory sales are final. Tempered glass products sold are classified as an accessory. No Refunds.

If a device is abandoned at any iFix Galaxy location for longer than 30 days after its ready-for-pickup date, and the customer has not responded to our attempts to contact them, it is iFix Galaxy’s policy to ship the device out to the corporate office for proper disposal and recycling of.

If the customer decides that they want the device after it has been shipped out and it has NOT been disposed/recycled as of yet, the customer can pay a $50 fee and any outstanding balance to recover the abandoned device and have it shipped back to the proper location. If the device has already been disposed/recycled of, iFix Galaxy may offer the customer the chance to purchase a new device at store costs given that it is available for purchase for one of our vendors.

We use the highest quality product available in this market. LCD/AMOLED displays are OEM except for polorizers which are aftermarket. If the customer uses polarized lenses and needs to have OEM polarizer we can order as a special order for an additional cost.

Warranty policy updated to a lifetime warranty on December 17, 2016. Any sales before December 17, 2016 fall under the 1 year limited warranty unless otherwise specified.

Batteries 1 Year warranty, Soldering work 90-day warranty. At any time a refund is processed for a repair service all but the diagnostic fee will be refunded.