We Service & Repair All Computers

Computer Diagnostic

Our highly skilled computer technicians have seen it all. Bring in your computer or laptop and we will perform a full software and hardware diagnostic. Once diagnosed, a technician will call you with a quote.

*Depending on your computers diagnostic, turn around time can run 48 hours to several days depending on computer needs.*


Complete System Care

Is your computer or laptop running slow or having pop-up issues? Our complete system care will have your computer running like the day you bought it!
Malware and Virus Removal, OS Updates, Antivirus Updates, Install Run Times, Clean System Fans, Registry Clean Up, Temp Files Clean Up, Windows updates and more.


Data Recovery

If you have the device, we can attempt to recover and transfer any or all data.

If the device/files are password protected we can help as long as the password is provided.

Data transfer starts at $60 per 150GB

Data recovery can range from $60 to $1300 depending on the status and procedures used to recover the lost data.

However, you only pay if the information is successfully recovered!
A technician will provide you with a quote once we have inspected the device.

Operating System Re-Install

If your Operating System needs to be reinstalled, we can help.

All drivers will be installed.

Product key must be provided.

FREE Anti-Virus software will be installed.

We service ALL makes and models including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP & Much More.

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