iPhone 15 Pro Water Damage Diagnostic

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iPhone 15 Pro Water Damage Diagnostic

When your iPhone 15 Pro comes into contact with liquid, it can cause a very complicated form of damage. Most liquids we are exposed to in our everyday life contain ions that do an excellent job of conducting electricity. When exposed to the electrical components of your device, these ionic conductors cause the circuits to “short.” Rice is commonly used to accelerate the evaporation process, but even after the liquid dries these ionic impurities are left behind and can still cause a shortage later on. However, electrical shortages are the least damaging aspect of the process. The real damage is done with the combination of water, air, and time, which leads to corrosion. Once your device is exposed to the impurities brought on by liquids, the chemical process of corrosion begins, and the longer that goes unchecked, the chances of the damage being repairable becomes less and less. With iFix Galaxy’s water treatment diagnostic, our trained technicians disassemble your iPhone 15 Pro and clean off possible corrosion, while also diagnosing your device to determine what would need to be done to get your device back up and running.


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